Oct 30, 2007


I freaked out when I saw this. I hope it's real and not some special effects magic.

News Flash: Miss Kitty had this experience to share about the above video:

"How freaky is it that when I sat one of my cats on my lap and played the video he stared at the screen and then started talking back to the kittens. I played the video again and he started making the same noise as the kittens at the same spot in the video where he had talked back during the first showing. Those kittens are probably Pinky and The Brain in feline form."


Kitty said...

Kitten 1: Girl, you doin' anything tonight?

Kitten 2: No girl, I'm so tired.

Kitten 1 : I hear you. I was gonna go get some catnip but I am wore out.

Kitten 2 : Can you lick my lacefront down? I got fly aways.

bunnilove said...

This didn't freak me out, it just confirmed the beauty and awe of why we share our lives with these wonderful living beings. This should be thought about before anyone abuses another animal.