Jul 18, 2006

If You're Gonna Cry, Cut and Cry

Late Summer TV viewing has been rescued with the start of Project Runway 3. Yay! Here's my take so far:

Malan - Wow, Dracula Jr. is on the show. That queen needs to check her ego, she lives in Long Island City for god's sake.

Laura - Gee, Cruella de Villa is on the show. You know miss woman cleaned the hospital's pharmacy out of pain killers each time she pushed out a new puppy.

Vincent - He is like Van Gogh looney. Poor thing doesn't realize the universe saved her from the madness of the fashion world and yet she comes back for more. Some people just run towards the pain.

Michael - This brother on the DL has an appeal that I feel and keeps it real. Work Ms. Mahagony.

Robert - Gurl you don't go on TV and diss Isaac Mizrahi. Big NO NO! You'd think she know better at her age. That world is big on secrets and sycophantic behavior. His saving grace is that he is the most fuckable.

Jeffrey - Santino wannabe. Um Miss Thang the wearing of the hoodie, can we say CONTRIVANCE. Ms. Gunn has little patience for contrivance.

Alison - She is in the wrong competition. She should be one of the competing models. Want an angelic face.

Uli - Umm yeah ok.

Bradley - Looks like he smells like Brie cheese.

Katherine - Very lesbionic.


The rest I just don't really recall. Get your screen time in girls!

Let the battle begin! And, remember, if you're gonna cry, cut and cry.

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bunnilove said...

I love this show, you can't make this stuff up! This is a real addiction for me. OK: who was Bradley again? I thought Micheal was gay, but I heard he was dating Brandy, go figure sweetie, and Heidi loves having her man's babies! Laura...6 kids!? What the fuck! Who the hell does that any more? Jeffery was INSUFFERABLE! But I understood why the judges chose him, I understood why they chose all of the winners. But Uli did turn it out in the end though.