Sep 13, 2007

Ja Rule Hating!

Ja Rule had this to say recently in an interview for

"...lets talk about all these fucking shows that they have on MTV that is promoting homosexuality, that my kids can't watch this shit. Dating shows that's showing two guys or two girls in mid afternoon. Let's talk about shit like that! If that's not fucking up America, I don't know what is."

I won't even go into the irony of someone like him making this sorta statement. I mean he's part of an industry that exploits poverty, crime and women for the all mighty dollar. As someone that has experienced prejudice and discrimnation you would think he would know better than to engage in it himself. But, alas many people don't work at thinking deep and connecting the dots.

What I will address is the notion that homo-love is bad for society. First of all homo-love has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. It aint going anywhere people. What is different now is that once again GLBT people are choosing to live out in the light and not in the shadows of the closet; unless you are a GOP Senator. But, I digress. Hallelujah and praise Jesus, that someone who is different can start to feel like they deserve their place in the world and should not be kicked to the side. That's the whole fucking point to life. We're suppose to be free to be who we really are and not feel shame!

Ja Rule if you are really concern about what the state of society, then work at eliminating hatred and bigotry. Don't add to the bullshit by creating more bullshit. And, if you are concerned about your kids and the influence TV might have on them, then take the TV out and put a book in front of them. Hey, maybe you should pick up some books yourself and shed some of that ignorance.


Kitty said...

Total closet case. Someone should dig a little deeper on Ja Rule. Here's a question for him, "When you were spending oodles of time at a certain movie action hero's Parisian home for weeks on end a few years ago what were you boys getting up too? I just wouldn't want the actor caught up in Ja Rule's nonsense because he seems like a nice enough guy.

Allan S. said...

Miss Kitty,

So many of those thugged out fellas are living that DL lifestyle. I've been told there is an inner-circle that is very exclusive and clad in Hilfiger, Polo and lube.