Nov 22, 2011

Random Thoughts

- Politicians are fucking whores. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I'm feeling so over it, but I remind myself I have to stay engaged and let my voice be heard.

- Dancing With The Stars celebrates the GLBTQ community in the biggest way. I saw a transgendered man dance with a women. Then, a big queen took a turn with another man. This show was brought to you by a Disney owned company. Everyone say "Hallelujah, Tinkerbell!"

- Local news remains a freak show. Midway into the broadcast they show a man pulling a school bus for a local school. I'm sure next will see a segment on something scary involving the holiday season.

- I saw on doc on PBS about a man that spent a year raising wild turkeys from the moment they came out the egg. He said they taught him, "when we live in the past or think of the future we betray the present." Once again we are reminded the age old advice to live in the present. 


Stan in NH said...

Yes, you must stay engaged and active. The Conservatives will always try to wear us down and hope that we just give up and shut up. But we have to be ever vigilant and make sure that we vote and bring as many of our friends to the polls with us. The only way to end this tyranny is to elect decent people who have our best interests at heart.

Reneé said...

For the second time in my life (not since my teens) I am seriously considering volunteering for a political campaign. I'm considering doing it because if things go shittier than they are I can say that I recognized the unfairness and tried to make it better in some small way. I'm no Obama cheerleader, but I have seen to many Republicans and Democrats turn their backs on everything that America is supposed to stand for in order to sit at the feet of the rich instead of being locked outside with 95% of the world.

This year I am thankful that, despite all of the shit I have dealt with, that I am, without a doubt, exactly who I believed myself to be as a person. And also, that my friends are exactly who I would want them to be as people.