Nov 26, 2011

A Virtual Fashion Magazine Moment

I realized today that is has been years since I indulged in flipping through fashion magazines.

My Titi Maria always had Vogue, Elle and GQ on her coffee table. She loved fashion, and was quite stylish on a very tight budget.

I forgot how much I would love looking at fashion magazines and imagining a story to go along with the editorials. Fashion magazines were one of the things that provided me with moments to escape a hard-knock-life childhood. 

In my teens I decided to go to the High School of Fashion Industries. It was very daring on my part because most of my friends and family stayed in Brooklyn for high school, however, I was determined to take the L train to Manhattan and become part of the fashion world. 

I loved my years at Fashion High, but I soon learned I didn't have the discipline nor patience for crafting garments. I did learn my true talents would require me to pursue other dreams. Yet, to this day I still remain an admirer of great fashion and design. 

I also still love strong and brilliant fashion editorial work. Here are images that fueled my imagination during the morning. The images are courtesy of VMan Magazine, and the captions came from my twisted mind. 

The Contessa kept her most valuable possessions close to her. 
Very Krafty how they Werked this. All aboard for the Trans Europe Express.
I'm pretty mama.
A High-Fashion X-Man 
Bring back the Pompadour!
Oh Johnny! Why you go and fuck up the way you did?
Stay off the drinking and drugging so you can return  back into fashion.
Men are dogs! Genius styling at this shoot. 


Reneé said...

Love the captions. The pompadour is still in full effect amongst the Rockabilly boys.

Mitch Block said...

No, no, no do NOT bring back the pompadour. I once had one, but I don't have enough hair anymore!

Wonder Man said...

I'm feeling these pics

Junior said...

Oh my goodness, I think I just bought this issue of V Man DESPITE the fact that I have three other unread issues of V Man sitting in a pile in my apt!

Love you!

Ayana said...

These are some unconventional photos!