Aug 5, 2011

I Was Unfaithful, And I Might Do It Again!

I was unfaithful the other day. Let me say in my defense, it was a matter of urgent need that lead me to stray.

I'm going to NYC tomorrow for a fab evening out and I needed my hair done. I went to my wonderful barber of five years and saw a sign saying he was on vacation! My Puerto Rican Afro was in full glory and I needed a serious cut.

I wandered a few blocks down and went to a competing barber. This was a challenge for me, because I really like my barber and we have a nice relationship. Alas, I had no other choice.

The barber did an awesome job! In fact I dare say he gave me exactly what I wanted, plus he offers full shaves as a service. Full shaves! Not a lot of barbers that do that these days. My regular barber doesn't.

As I left admiring my cut, all I could think about is returning so he can lather me up with hot lather from the machine, and using his single edge blade to leave my face smooth.

Dammit Bob! Why did you have to go on vacation. You see what you made me do!?


Todd HellsKitchen said...

The barber's loss... Hope you enjoyed our fair city... I look forward to your blog account later!

Cloudy With a Chance of Nerd said...

Poor Bob :) Very funny though.