Aug 17, 2011

Damn You Writer's Block

Okay, I need to do something to break this writer's block. So, here are some random thoughts to get my mind going. Hopefully this effort will lead to my muse showing up and doing her damn job.

- Michele Bachmann is the new Palin. She's about preaching intolerance and fear. She is a bowl full of crazy and is going to be a hoot. For example, today she wished Elvis happy birthday on the anniversary of his death (click here).

Biggest difference is she doesn't have that hot husband, but rather a queen of a man that will have his spot blown up! There is a rentboy chomping at the bit. Trust!

- Let me just remind you good people to never make a decision based on a negative emotion. By negative emotion I mean one that comes from a place where you feel fear, anger, frustration, or confused.

Instead make the emotional fuel of your actions come from love, hope, joy, and an empowerment that is not based on the oppression of another person or idea. However, if the person or idea is fake as Bachmann, let them have it.

The best sense of empowerment is knowing that your light has to shine because the world needs it in order to understand this mortal coil.

- Listen up Haves, the Have-Nots don't think it's cute anymore. There are more bubbles that will burst, and the nickel-and-dimeing drip, drip, drip, has made many a folk angry. Ya, better start building a reset button.

- I've been working hard to keep the novela in my head from becoming my perceived reality. As a being grown up in constant crisis, I need to no longer fear the other shoe dropping. Why? I'm a high-riding bitch that will take it on.

- I remain for ever faithful to believing that LOVE IS THE MESSAGE! You doubt it? Play and meditate through dance with this:


Junior said...

You can do it Allan! I am trying to think if I have any tips for you, but as you have witnessed from my blog, I usually have an acute depressive episode followed up by days of eating nothing but ice cream when I have writer's block so I do not advise using my methods.

Reneé said...

I think that Bachmann is a true believer that is convinced that her faith in God is what keeps her husband an inactive gay who works to heal other through the godly energy she uses to maintain him. As far as their surrendered wife marriage goes, to quote someone, "she tops him (through faith) so he controls her." Michelle does nothing without the queen's OK because false surrender is how she keeps him out of public bathrooms.

Joy said...

Interesting, Renee. Makes sense even though it's out of the realm of my experience, so I'm having to think about it.