Dec 3, 2008

A High-Riding Bitch

I was a smart-ass when I was a child, became a people-pleaser as a teen, and have slowly evolved into a high-riding bitch.

Let me unpack that term for you. Here's my definition:

A high-riding bitch moves through space in time, with love, beauty and compassion in her heart. Her head is filled with thoughts of what is true and possible in the world and she strives to contribute to make it happen.

She accepts herself for being human, yet sucks her teeth and smirks when her vulnerabilities are revealed to herself and others. When faced with adversity she digs into her bag of wisdom and plots the best course she is capable of at that point and time. Whatever doesn't work she notes it down and doesn't go that route again.

She believes in forgiveness, because it is really the only way to put down the baggage and move on. Hey, she walks through life in killer heels, so she doesn't need the extra weight.

Only when necessary she destroys. She understands that slash and burn is sometimes necessary in order to allow something new to grow. This belief in that red hot energy is also summoned when she has to tell life to have a seat, so that she can kick it in the teeth.

It not about being evil, catty or selfish. That's for children. It's about the high-riding bitch being convinced that she matters in the world, just like everyone else does, and she doesn't have to hide anymore.

Approach us high-riding bitches with the best of intentions. A better ally you will never find. She is divine energy that likes her valley of goodness licked, and will always return the favor.


Anonymous said...

Love it! If it's alright, I'll add it to The Junior Glossary later and give you a link and lots of credit, because I'm loving this word!

Kitty said...

My new descriptor!

Mama Cat will confirm upon request that I have been a high-riding bitch since birth.

Allan S. said...

Junior, do add. Miss Kitty, do use.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Well said!

Wonder Man said...

I think that's me too

Kyle said...

Allan, that was a great way to put it. There are no greater allies in the world.