Dec 27, 2008

NY State of Mind

Thanks to my darling friend Izzy, I have been staying at his apartment on 16th St in NYC for the past two days. He went on a lovely vacay to S.F. with his man, Victor. I hope they are having a blast. I know I am.

I'll share the sordid details later. Todd! Junior! Watch your backs, you never know where this blogger is going to show up! LOL.

Here are some not so good pics of my walk around today. I used my cell phone camera. If you want real hot pics of NYC, visit Todd's blog.

This gentelman (pitcured below) has been selling his little handy-dandy vegetable peelers, on the streets of NYC for years now. He has a English accent and is always in his suit. I think just about every NYer has at one point of time seen him in action. He goes everywhere!

Ahhh good ol' graffiti. Brings back memories of my days as a b-boy


Wonder Man said...

Yea! NYC!

Joie Mayfield said...

I remember this guy from my trip to NYC in May! :) I'm so freakin' jealous you get to be in NYC. I'm just dreaming about being there.

Anonymous said...

ALLAN! The One Weekend I don't have regular Internet access is when you come to NYC! If you've left by now, hope you had fun!