Jun 4, 2011

How This Chicken Got On My Plate?

Marcos was and still is a godsend for me. Good people, the divine sent Marcos to me so I can know love, learn, understand and evolve.

Let me share this one experience provided by Marcos, a son of Obatala, that required me to be part of prepping a live chicken for dinner.

What I recall is seeing a live chicken in our kitchen on Warren St. Then the chicken having human hands end the its life.

I recall putting the chicken into a simmering pot of water, and plucking it completely. I then had to butcher the bird and go deep within its cavity. I was told how to prep the chicken by an elder, and at that point Allan checked out and another part of me took over.

I do not recall at all, how I ended up with a clean and gutted chicken. This city boy went into automatic-ancestrally guided-pilot.

I do recall taking the prepared bird and making a savory chicken soup. Everyone, but I, loved the soup. My mind was swimming in contemplation. I wasn't grossed out, just taking in how I saw this chicken went from being alive to soup in front of my eyes, and through the effort of my hands.

We all need to experience and know where our food comes from. Whether it is animal, fruit or plant. Our ancestors done did a lot to bring food to the plate.

Take this video in. BTW, it is humane, yet doesn't pull punches.

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Junior said...

I completely agree with you. I love animals, but I don't cringe when I see them being killed for my meal. If I'm gonna eat it, I should know how it gets to my plate (and be comfortable doing it myself).

This all being said, you never told us, did it taste good?

Was tarragon involved? I love tarragon. I love saying tarragon too...