Jun 1, 2011

Cheated Out of a Barbie

My sister Jenny so did not get the memo that informed her that when you have a gay brother into fashion, you are suppose to let him dress up and make you all sparkly. While I was lucky because I did get to play with her Barbies, she cheated me out of using her to play dress up.

Well, she did let me dress her up, once, for her 16th birthday. It was in December so she needed to be warm yet stylish. My cousin Eugene and I took her out for dinner and the World Trade Center way back in the 80s.

Her gift from me would be a complete outfit, from head to toe, bought at Unique, which was the trendiest store in the Village. It consisted of a turtleneck, bolero knit jacket and tartan pleated pants. Think Annie Lennox meets the Cosby kids. She ended up with three pieces that worked into her wardrobe and she pumped each item for points.

With such a successful experience you would think she would have had me by her side whenever she went clothes shopping. Yeah, not so much.

While she did always ask for my opinion whenever she came back from shopping, my nerves were kept in check, because she usually bought something cute. However, I was always left wondering if there was something shorter, longer, or at the very least in a different color.

I currently have a bone to pick with her, because she is yet once again not taking advantage of her access to the queens in her life.

My dear friend since high school, Devon, is an amazing designer. His sense of style is right on, and his work is always impeccable.

I keep telling my dear sister to commission my gay sistah for the occasional, frock, blouse, coat or jacket. Jenny will get a hot custom made garment, and Devon will make some coins. A win-win situation.

I guess I will have to settle with the fact she is a loving sister, an awesome mother, a warrior. However, when it comes to being my living Barbie, I just have to suck my teeth and roll my eyes.

Maybe I'll luck out in the far future when she gets a granddaughter. Ha! Who am I kidding? Jenny will snatch that little girl up for herself.

These amazing dolls are from the Byron Lars Barbie Collection. Click on dolls for a larger image.Click here for more.

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Reneé said...

I am loving those dolls. Too bad I don't collect or have nieces old enough to appreciate them and not play with them. I don't let the queens I have access to dress me. I do give into the GH's demand that I never wear leggings or Capri pants, even when lounging around.