Jun 28, 2011

Marcos Is Part Of My Connection To The Stardust

Good people, please don't get spooked by this. There are times that I hear Marcos say my name or walk through this house.

When Marcos' makes himself known, since his passing to the other side, I am not scared but rather grateful.

I'm trying to find the words to post about profound lessons I've learned since he passed. When it is honest those words will be posted.

I went to go see the Alexander McQueen exhibit with family, there was a moment we got to see the following. This hologram and music captures some of what I feel while Marcos' stardust pays me a visit.


Anonymous said...

That's what in Puerto Rico we call "presencia". If you feel at ease and peaceful when he visits you then that's a "buena presencia", meaning that everything is fine. You are lucky that he is watching you.


Kyle said...

Allan, I hope none of your followers would get spooked. Many cultures and beliefs weave visits or contacts with loved ones after they are gone. I'm just glad it makes you happy and if it helps everyone who visits remember Marcos, then that has to be a good thing.

Junior said...

I think it's beautiful and shows how much love still exists in that space. No need for people to freak out. There's so much energy around us that we don't even know about and sometimes it shows itself to us.

Wonder Man said...

I feel you