Jun 9, 2011

And The Heavens Opened

Good people, we had one fierce downpour here in CT. There was thunder, lightning, and everything frightening.

This all occurred during an award ceremony for students at my second job. As we were about to hand out awards the lights went out! Only emergency lighting went into effect.

We had to huddle up and pass out the awards, and eat dinner quickly in order to make the most out of the minimal light that came in through the foyer windows.

The cherry on this experience was me coming home to a power outage. Mother Nature done turned a bitch out.

I sat and waited. Suddenly I heard a neighbor across the street scream in totally jubilation. A bitch was lit once again! Halleloo.

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

Sounds like an adventure... I don't mind a little blackness... My fear is a blackout in a heat wave without A/C and refrigeration... Glad you survived it!! And that the students got their well earned awards!!...