Jul 2, 2011

Lady Gaga Banned At East Village Gay Bar

The 43 y.o. jaded me finds this contrived. She would have shocked me if her second album was acoustic

My friend Devon works in an East Village gay bar in NYC, told me that Lady Gaga is banned from being played on the jukebox.

Apparently the staff is not feeling her new music and so over having to hear it repeatedly.

When a customer violates this rule the staff ejects the song and gives back the patron his or her dollar.

I kikied when my friend told me this, and was shocked to hear that customers didn't revolt and leave.

Devon reminded me that the bar has some of the most reasonable drink prices in the E.V. Therefore, it seems affordable cocktails trump Lady Gaga.

BTW, doesn't it feel like the Haus of Gaga sits around the table and discusses what next shocking thing they can have her do?

Their creative process consists of them going into their Madonna, Grace Jones, Annie Lennox and 80s performance-artist archives.

Once they find something that makes them squeal they lather, rinse and repeat.


Reneé said...

I jumped right in this post because there has been a noticeable defection in the Gaga Love Camp. I think her problem is that she's enjoying being the money earner in the business so much that she isn't taking rejuvenating breaks. When you get some distance it's easier to separate your bullshitting for coin from innovating for legacy. Basically, the bitch needs to take some "me time" that none of us have to experience with her. She also might want to lighten up on her "recreational" load; those with trained eyes are spotting the signs.

Wonder Man said...

I'm glad they did it, her new cd sux

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Similar things have happened over the years with Madonna and Ricky Martin bans from time to time... And the world goes round... There's a bar in Hell's Kitchen that has Jukebox Wars... with a couple customers who cram it full of money to put their imprint on the place... Then a few others do the same with a widely diverse style of music... It makes a mess of ecclectic styles for the average bar-goer. Gone are the days when the whole jukebox was stocked with the same style of music... Now with these Internet searches... Somebody could put in Barney and the TeleTubbies... LOL