Jul 10, 2011

Anna Got Dissed, And I'm In Fashion Bliss

Good people, so the 2011 Fall Couture collections have been sent out into the atmosphere. It was very delicious for a few reasons.

1. Art once again strutted down the runway. I really enjoyed Armani's collection (see image above).

2. The first Dior collection sans John Galliano strutted and flopped. Yes, he was a dick for saying what he said. Booze and drugs is not your friend Johnny. Therefore, because of your caca mouth, you and the world of fashion must now suffer.

3. Azzedine Alaia turned it the fuck out, and Vogue was not invited. Click here for the slideshow. Azzedine and Anna Wintour don't likey each other. I have a feeling he once told her to chill with her dominitrix bullshit, and she gagged, then kept him from the pages of American Vogue for years! Meanwhile he sells like hotcakes to the rich women, of high society, with taste. Here is an example:

For the full effect click here.


Reneé said...

Thanks for the info on Azzedine Alaia -vs- Anna Wintour. I'd heard about the dis but couldn't find out why she was banished from his sight. I don't blame him, she only likes designers who treat her and Leon Talley like the end all, be all of fashion. I also don't like that she can't tolerate anyone over a size 0 that isn't Leon Talley. When Uncle Tim Gunn told the story of watching Leon being fed grapes like a baby bird while directing a fashion shoot I just about fell out. There's no love lost between Uncle Tim and Anna Wintour either.

Allan S. said...

He blew up her spot when Uncle Tim told about her being carried down a staircase, because she was wearing some serious high heels.

People in fashion are crazy.