May 11, 2013

On The Bus

It's been awhile since I shared stories about the scandalous behaviors I see on the bus. Here is an interesting moments:

Four young dudes with long greasy hair and skin tight jeans get on the bus with me. Somehow we all end up sitting in the back.

I sit on the window seat, and have three young dudes to my right, and one young dude sitting in front of me.

Dude To My Right: So she  said they're gonna be there?

Dude In Front of Me: Yeah man! Stop asking me.

Dude In Front of Me then takes out a pack of Newport cigarettes and in there are two small bags of pot.

Dude To My Right: You should let me blow you for that.

Dude In Front of Me: (turns to me) Sorry for this exhibition.

Me: You shouldn't keep that in there. What if you offer someone a cigarette and forget you stashed it in there. You either going to get busted or have to share.

All the dudes chuckle. Dude In Front of Me puts the bags in his pocket.

I then wondered whether these guys get high and blow each other when the girls aren't around. 


Reneé said...

The pothead besties that used to live with the GH shortly after college graduation sure enough were doing each other when their girlfriends weren't around. One of the girlfriends actually called them out in front of me, and she was not half-kidding about it. I refused to be pulled into it because they were all grown and my view was either break-up or deal with them needing dick-time.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Oh, the things we witness! This is actually pretty funny. (And I wonder, too.)