Jan 24, 2013

The Year for Change - 2013

So, during this first few weeks of the 2013, I have had some incredibly productive days.

I have been able to get major tasks done that have been on my "to do" list for the past two years.

Among these tasks have been:

  • Donating all of Marcos' clothes to the local Goodwill. I cheated here a bit and had a friend actually clear out those closets and fold everything up into bags. I was then able to get to Goodwill and let the clothes go. 
  • Beginning the process of clearing out the house. I dumped out about 20 bags of stuff! I am saving the good stuff for a possible yard sale.
  • Selling the car that belong to Marcos. I didn't want it and was frustrated with it sitting inside the garage for two years. 
Good people, what you need to understand is that these tasks have been weighing on my mind for quite sometime. I had false starts here and there, and at times wonder if I would ever get them done. Now, within weeks of the new year - I got it done!

I am feeling 2013 is going to be a year of major wonderful changes for me. Well, that is what I am putting out into the universe and working with in my head and heart.


Junior said...

I know no matter how strong we all know you are, it must have been difficult to part with some or all of these things, but I am so glad you're in a good place and are cleaning up and moving up!

Allan S. said...

Thank you Junior. Marcos will always be with me in the most divine way. There are a couple of items of his that will always be with me, because, they make me smile and remember him at his most charming.