Jan 13, 2013

Jodie Foster Turned It OUT: Addendum

I cried and choked up tonight. Jodie Foster spoke from a place that is truly honest and divine. She let the world know the truth about living, loving, learning, and earning a living. 

I will stop here because I need to take in seeing my childhood idol come out. I will say more later.


Okay, so I pulled it together and this is what I have to say since Jodie's speech:

  • It is hysterical that people are fussing about whether it was a real coming out speech. If you needed to hear gay or lesbian, think about how greater the impact of Jodie talking about her ex and their "modern family."
  • Her coming out was just like mine. I started to come out first to family, then friends, and eventually co-workers. Yes, I came out to people that actually knew me.
  • For those that say she is a public figure and her coming out would have helped the GLBTQ community. Yeah, maybe, or maybe not. She explained her reason for not being "out and loud." 
  • We have to give her props for never creating a false public life that sold her as straight. 
  • Those two young boys raised by one parent that is a world-famous, looked so sweet, connected, and happy. Bravo, Jodie and Cydney, ya did some fierce parenting. 
What I see in the future, from Jodie, is a gradually loudness about who she is, but done in true Jodie style. Also, some projects that have queer characters or stories about the GLBTQ community. 

She is embracing change, and is 50 dammit! Watch out world! Jodie is going to take her work to another level. 

I wish her all the best. 

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