Jul 25, 2013

F-Off I Am Going To Do Me

If Huma Abedin is half as powerful as the women that I know, she is contemplating a way out from her hot mess of a husband. Her husband Weiner has already showed he is looking to become a freak later in life.

I think her hesitation is due to considering if Weiner will be able to pay the monthly bill for raising the offspring while keeping her comfortable and provide her status.  A classic trap.

In my opinion she would do better by telling Anthony to go fuck himself, and rely on her own gifts to pave a liberated way for her to move forward with her children by her side.

Go here for the bochinche.


Reneé said...

Huma invested a lot into Weiner's future in politics, even before the first scandal hit. The NY Times mag did a feature on them and it was obvious that she had been putting everything into his making a comeback as Mayor of NYC, and eventually doing a run for governor, and later, president. He fucked it all up last week and she is working through the stages of grief right now. I have no doubt that Weiner will be looking at divorce papers in the next 12 months. She needs to cut the loss and stick with Hillary.

Bob Slatten said...

Fool Huma once, shame on you.
Fool Huma twice, shame om Huma.