Jul 1, 2013

In Very Old New York

While looking at Alice Austen's photography circa late 1800s, I came across this image. It is titled The Darned Club. I bet their spirits having been jumping for joy with the recent SCOTUS activities.

"The Darned Club," named by disrespectful Staten Island men, strikes a pose of girlish friendship on the Austen House's lawn overlooking the Narrows.  Alice (left) and her three friends, Trudy Eccleston, Julia Marsh, and Sue Ripley went to school together for years, and later spent most of their time at each other's home

"The Darned Club" and its four members -- Alice, Trude Ecoleston, Julia Marah and Sue Ripley. How did it get its name? "I guess that's what the boys called it." says Alice. October 29, 1891.

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