Aug 3, 2013

Random Thoughts

This post consists of my thoughts from the self-absorbed, to the serious, to the observant and then ending with a daily mantra that continues to sustain me.

  • I am now totally free of credit card debt! I just paid off my final card and feel very fortunate to be able do so.  I had to turn to my cards when I was laid-off for a few months awhile back. It took some time to pay them off, but I got it done.

  • Zimmerman was found innocent in a court of law, but guilty in the court of public opinion. Zimmerman disregarded his training and the words from the dispatcher when he was told told not to pursue Trayvon. Trayvon had the right to stand his ground. Oh, and the lawyers on the prosecution side should be fired for doing such a shitty job. Phew! I got that off my chest. 

  • I see you yungins. I see how what came before you influences you, then you put your spin on it in order to make it your own. I now ask you to respect the elders that gave you those influences by asking questions. The answers to those question will take what you do to another level. 

  • I still continue to say 95% of my mornings, "God thank you for another day. I know I am blessed. And, miracles happen every day. 


Mitchell is Moving said...

Agreed re: Zimmerman. Thanks for getting it off MY chest, too.

Major congrats on the absence of credit card debt. I know from experience that THAT is an incredible feeling.

Reneé said...

As I told a youngster who was upset by the verdict, "Zimmerman's true nature was shown throughout this case, and it will be what brings balance between justice and injustice in this circumstance". I thought he would begin to self-destruct, as is his nature, in two years. I didn't think it would start so soon after the trial. His lawyers and PR firm trying to score points with the public off of the traffic accident he assisted with was a PR mistep. And his doing the "Do you recognize me" thing to try to get out of a traffic ticket in Texas was a bad look as well. He thinks more of himself than he should and it will be his downfall.

Yes, being debt free is an amazing feeling. I love it.

viktor kerney said...

he will get his

Junior said...

Congrats on getting out of CC debt! It's the best feeling when you realize your money can be yours again!