Feb 24, 2013

Why Gentrification Sucks: Reason 242

Get into this interview that is linked below. In the interview you will learn yet another reason why gentrification sucks. Moreover, why this native NYer is often sad to see NYC's uniqueness disappear.

We are decades into seeing NYC being rebuilt for tourist and transplants, that want this city to conform, in order eliminate the unknown.

If you don't want to challenge yourself, then why travel? If you are escaping suburbia and the mall, then you shouldn't support the recreation of it in NYC. 

Ya feel me?



Reneé said...

Happening in Philly as well.

Wonder Man said...


Todd HellsKitchen said...

7-11? They have descended on Manhattan... And are threatening the little guys with Free Coffee with Any Purchase... Personally, I refuse... I just refuse...

Anonymous said...

Left Boston for DC in 05 and it had already begun as I left but Boston still had flavor. Got to DC and found complete gentrification and some of the locals telling me stories of how diverse (economically and ethnically) it used to be. I couldn't believe DC could have been that, based on what I saw in sterile, bland, yuppies and chain stores. I returned to Boston in 13 and found a dramatically changed city. Boston proper is like Manhattan is to NYC; white upper middle class homogenous professionals who can afford to live here, and low income minorities who are in subsidized housing. Very few working class whites or blacks.

I agree with the blogger. Why the f..k do people move to the city if they want a version of the bland environment they left in the burbs?