Feb 3, 2013

For Christopher

Hey good people! So, a few days ago I went across the street to visit Christopher. Do ya remember Christopher? I posted about Chris sometime ago.

Christopher is a member of my family of choice.  I've known his mother, Mitchell, for over 20 years. I first met her when she was a young girl of twelve and consider her a niece the Universe sent to me.

Well, when I went for this visit, Christopher showed me this cool construction kit his mother bought from The Discovery Store.  I immediately went to work and created an igloo for Chris.

I wrote the captions with Chris in mind. I want him to practice his sight words and short /i/ sound.
Christopher is in front of his igloo.
Christopher is in his little igloo.
Christopher is reading a new book.
Christopher and his father are in the igloo. They are very happy.


Reneé said...

That's a cool igloo.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Great captions. Great igloo. Great Christopher!

Wonder Man said...