Jan 2, 2018

It Will Get Ugly Before It Gets Cute

Oba Renee and I are on the same page regarding our anticipation for the drama that will unfold in 2018. 

I am expecting the following:

1.   name calling
2.   back stabbing
3.   disappearances
4.   pleading the fifth
5.   pleading insanity
6.   finger pointing
7.   binge eating followed by purging
8.   drug use and abuse
9.   tears
10. cheers
11. retractions
12. redactions
13. people taking it to the street
14. we interrupt this program...
15. breaking news moments to the 10th power
16. frequent use of the words collusion, cabal, and conspiracy
17. mucho smdh
18. conflama
19. cutting deals
20. piss tape

1 comment:

Reneé said...

...and just like that, the messy begins.