Nov 24, 2009

Shock Devalued or Less Can Be More

So this was Adam Lambert's game plan for his first major television appearance:

1. Shove male and female dancers' faces into my crotch.
2. Grab female dancer's crotch.
3. Shove my tongue down throat of gender-fuck guitar player.
4. End with giving my middle finger to the audience.

I have to wonder if he was high on tina when he came up with this concept. Perhaps, he knew the song was crappy and needed to construct a contrived distraction. He would have been better off picking one idea from that list and letting his voice do the rest.

It was also really lame the components of his attempt at using shock value, were comprised of rock-n-roll cliches. I'm surprised no one broke a guitar and set something on fire. Maybe he's saving that for his next performance.

When it started I was impressed. He used a set design based on the Cabaret musical revival done a few years ago. Plus, everyone including him look really hot.

Yet, a few minutes into it he literally and figuratively stumbled across that stage. Nice try girl. You may want to spend less time primping, and put more effort into creating an experience that is truly entertaining.

I also find it funny that he wants us to believe he's this hard-edge scandalous performer. This queen was brought to us via American Idol, and was scheduled to appear on Good Morning America. He's a mall rat in fetish drag. Child please!


Kitty said...

Since he's an AI winner he does nothing without the OK of the show's handlers as written in his contract with them. From what I've read people felt he went for shock because his vocals were weak. He doesn't interest me because he comes off more Hot Topic showgirl than heartfelt artist.

Wonder Man said...

love that ending, I will have to use that

kitty^-^ said...

AI does not control Adam now that he is off the show. Where ever that rumor came from, it isn't true.
If you watch his other performances, he actually puts a lot of emotion into his songs.
During the AMA's e got carried away by the lyrics. He said "the song lyrics were frisky, so I got frisky" in an interview. His vocals during that one performance were bad, but he didn't "go for the shock" because his vocals are weak.
None of the crotch thrusting, grabbing, kissing, etc. were incorporated into the original performance. He got carried away.
He said the middle finger was for those who doubted him and were against him, not his fans.