Feb 22, 2009

NY Fashion Weak

After indulging in the couture collections, looking at the highlights of NY Fashion Week's Fall '09 collections, was a bit of a let down. Mind you, there was some interesting stuff out there. However, the level of innovation is no where near what you see in couture. I know this is all ready-to-wear sportswear, but that doesn't mean you can't offer some level of scandal.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read the following if you are a Project Runway fan:

While Project Runway is on lockdown due to legal issues, they filmed the season, and the final three contestants showed at NY Fashion Week. The pic above is from one of the designers. I picked that image because I believe that is Jaslene, the first Latina to win ANTM. I'm so gay.

Click here to see the highlights of NY Fashion Week


bunnilove said...

I am a big fan, but I wanted to tell you to check out the new collection for Marc Jacobs.

It's really late 70's, early 80's vibe, but done very well, not silly or trite at all.

Really good collection.

BTW: What is really happening with Project Runway?

Kitty said...

Sorry, but Jaslene needs a double cheeseburger milkshake, stat.

Allan S. said...

I agree Miss Kitty, she needs to head home and have her mother make her some arroz con pollo.

bunnilove said...

Ditto Miss Kitty. She needs that in the form of a 24 hour, intravenous drip.

Allan S. said...

Ms. Joslyn, please ask Junior about the legal issues around Proj. Run. He has the dirt.