Feb 22, 2009

'Member This Couple?

I'll probably click on the Oscar telecast periodically throughout the evening. The only nominees I've seen this year are Wall-e and Benjamin Buttons. I'm not really hyped about award shows that much anymore. Well, with exception of the AVN Awards, which celebrates the best in adult videos and the Juicies, which celebrates pop culture through the wit of Jun. Who probably enjoys a good adult video.

So anyway, I was really happy to see Kevin and Phoebe together. She looks absolutely darling. What a doll. As for Kevin, he's holding up pretty good. I had crushes on both of them back in the day. Glad to see they are still doing there thing together and they actually look happy with one another.

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Anonymous said...

Love Phoebe and Kevin, although I see this from time to time, fabulous women not having the career when the husband seems to. Like former SNLer Nancy Walls disappeared when she married Steve Carell or "Brady Bunch" Christine Taylor dropping everything when she married Ben Stiller.

I guess its not a problem if the woman didn't want a career, but I would have loved to see Phoebe in more movies over the years. Remember "Princess Cariboo"? Love.