Feb 20, 2009

Do Your Thing Pres. Obama

I know everyone is focused on the stimulus package, however, President Obama has some other interesting accomplishments in his first month as president.

$10 Billion for High-Speed Rail
One day in the next decade you may find yourself rolling silently through the cornfields of Wisconsin at over 200 mph, on your way from Chicago to Minneapolis...

Broadband Initiative
High-speed rail isn't the only piece of American infrastructure getting a much-needed boost with the stimulus bill. More than $7 billion has been marked for the expansion of broadband access.

Commission to Review Faith-Based Initiatives
On Feb. 5, Obama signed an executive order renaming the Faith-Based and Community Initiatives entity created by President Bush. The new title of the organization is Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships...the White House has said it will not direct federal dollars to groups that proselytize or advocate for so-called reparative or conversion therapy for homosexuals.

A Reform-Minded Drug Czar
Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske...comes from a city that has been a pioneer on policies such as needle-exchange programs, lowering marijuana as a law-enforcement priority and innovating overdose-prevention strategies.

Swift Action on Arms Control
By all accounts, Obama appears serious about meeting his campaign pledge to drastically reduce the world's largest nuclear stockpiles and initiate a new era of arms control... For the first time in eight years, committed nonproliferation experts are being slotted in senior positions at the State Department's relevant agencies.

Go to Alternet.org for the full story.

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