Feb 1, 2009

The Kids Are Gonna Be Alright?

Okay so here's the deal, I've been at school getting my Special Ed credentials. I have this and one more semester to go, then I student teach and will graduate! Yay for me! It's been a long process, that has actually gone by rather quickly (figure that one out). Now, what I want to share today is some of the observations of my fellow students, that are all mostly half my age!

- I am writing this from the computer lab, and this one kid next...I meant student...to me has been looking at this computer game demo of this gun just shooting up people for the past hour! I kid you not. He's creeping me out. Do you think his parents should have let him go to a vocational school or just do his own thing for awhile? He seems really disconnected and a bit angry. Poor thing.

- What the fuck is it with these 19 and 20 years olds and pictures. Everytime I walk to the printer to get something, and I look at other students' monitors, all I see are images of them partying, cuddled up with someone, or striking a sexy pose. I've never seen so many people wrapped up into looking at themselves and their friends.

- Plus they text each other constantly. Is there really that much to say? Why not just wait till you see them. I wonder if they have anything to say to each other when they finally meet up for $3 pitchers of beer.

- College going males love...no worship..wait that's not it...would kill a loved one, for Buffalo Wings! These guys eat them by the bucket.

- Everybody, myself included, has a Facebook page! I check my once every two-weeks. They check in every other hour! And, they actually care about that friend rating system bullshit.

- I constantly hear them talking about how wasted they got last night, and that now they are "so hungover man."

- I sound like an old guy going to school with a bunch of yungins.


Kitty said...

I don't think they're anymore narcissistic than us older folks were, I just think that they have access to ways of documenting their narcissism that we never had. Think about how you were in your teens and early twenties...now imagine if digital cameras and camera phones were around. That, and you have a lot of parents our age that never established boundaries regarding personal behavior because they wanted to be viewed as cool.

Allan S. said...

A friend made sorta the same comment. Miss Kitty, if I had a digital camera around that age, I would be viewing tons of pics of the queens serving fashion and vogueing. Plus drooling over pics of the cuties.