Jan 29, 2009

Got My Couture Fix!

On my way to the market

Out for some drinks with the girls

Because, why the hell not!?

Good people, run and get your fix on! The Spring 2009 Couture shows came to Paris and shot a big, creamy, decadent load all over the masses, and of course it was all done by hand!

Forget the talk of financial woes, and the ugliness of the world. Get yourself clean, comfy and click here to catch the cunty creativity on the catwalk.


Kitty said...


bunnilove said...

Couture reminds me of beautiful costumes. I wish that we still had a movie industry that prides itself on taking the viewer on a wonderful ride away from our mundane lives, and allow us to live vicariously through amazing characters and colorful yards of fabric!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I dunno, I NEVER see anyone EVER wearing these things except on a runway...