Jan 26, 2009

Gino Baffled?

In between classes I took Gino out for a walk. He was taken aback because the regular postman did not do the rounds today. Gino and (may she rest in peace)Luna, once had a nasty run in with the regular postman. My four-legged children where on him like white on rice. That guy is lucky he still has ankles.

Till this day, Gino sees this guy coming up the street, he goes into a fit. He wants a piece of him so bad that he can taste it.

Well, today there was someone new delivering the mail, and Gino just looked at him sorta bewildered (see image above). Then Gino looked at me and through our mental bond he said "Yo, where's the prick that normally delivers the mail? I aint done with him."

I telepathetically conveyed to Gino, "Be easy little man, enjoy the day, it's nice outside. Let it go, it's a new year."

Gino snorted into the brisk air and his response was "You're not a dog, you wouldn't understand."

What can I say, the guy pushes mail through the slot and that pushes Gino's buttons.


Todd HellsKitchen said...

Every job has it's risks! Arf!

Anonymous said...

Cutest thing ever. I know Gino doesn't want me to say that so I'll change it to "Meanest, biggest, baddest thing ever!" Go get that mailman!

Wonder Man said...

Gino's cute

bunnilove said...

"The Inner Life and Trappings of Gino, Mandog." I smell a book deal!

BTW: I really tried to come up with a title that didn't include the word "small", Gino is male, and I know that guys don't like any descriptions that include the word "small"...