Feb 3, 2009

Ted Better Watch His Back

Ted Allen is showing up on Food Network doing all kinds of knock-off shows.

Food Detectives has this food-science connection that reminds me of Alton Brown's Good Eats. I think Junior or Miss Kitty may have blogged about that similarity in the past. Now he is doing Chopped, which is a short version of Top Chef.

He better be careful because I feel Alton will litigate his ass into the ground, but Tom will put a beatdown on him.

FYI - It's been reported the Queer Guys didn't make a lot of bank during their time at Bravo. I guess Ted is being a crafty one and figuring out how to keep the paper flowing in order to maintain the Fire Island and Manhattan properties.

Damn, I'm gossiping again.


Kitty said...

Sometimes you got to strap into your pumps and hit the stroll when your paper is running short.

Junior said...

As much as I know "Food Detectives" is a "Good Eats" rip-off, can I tell you I like it better because that Alton Brown scares the living everything out of me.

Why must face so close to camera all the time! WHY!

bunnilove said...

That's funny Kitty! I'm all about makin' the paper, but dude, come up with an original idea for yourself!

If he has some sort of rip-off of Top Chef, a show I LOVE, then he should be rather ashamed of himself: he has served as a guest judge on that show. That's like having someone over for dinner, then having that person include your recipe in a book they wrote.

For someone who passes them self off as worldly, it's very gauche.

Junior, if Alton weren't so weird, then how would you feel? I happen to like Good Eats.

Junior said...

bunnilove, I think "Good Eats" is a great show. It has wonderful information, I just can't deal with Alton's spastic, jumpy face in camera stuff. I def don't take away anything from its value as a show, but I just can't deal.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

You're right... the similarities are right there like the bing cherry on the sundae (Sorry that;'s the best food analogy I could come up with at the moment! LOL) I watch em both... And since they are both on the same cable network, I don't think anyone will be suing anyone... It's the same thing as when a gas station opens a corner another one opens across the street... Both Keith Olbermann and that lady that follows him (I'm blanking at the moment) are both doing essentially the same stories with the same bent... Networks aren't usually very imaginative!