Feb 14, 2009

This Is A Rerun

Forgive me good people, but Marcos is taking me out tonight for V Day. Therefore, I'm recycling my V Day post from last year. I hope you all took a moment today to give and feel love.

If you care for something more fresh, head over to Juice with Junior. A link to that lovely man's blog is on the right.

Peace, Love and Souuuuul

Door opens and slams shut.
Venus: Cupid, darling? Is that you?
Cupid: Yeah mom!
Venus: So,how did it go.
Cupid: Mom, I'm real tired..
Venus: Oh come on, tell me how did it go.
Cupid: It went good. But, I'm exhausted.
Venus: Poor thing. Yeah, look you're all out of arrows. (Venus tugs on bow) And, looks like you'll need to get your bow restrung.
Cupid: Yeah. Man my wings are sore.
Venus: Honey I told you to pace yourself this year. And, I really wish you would take my advice and outsource some work to Eros.
Cupid: Mom!
Venus: Ok, ok. I'm just trying to be helpful. What a temper you have. This is what I get for fathering a child with Mars...
Cupid: Oh Jupiter! Mom, please I'm not in the mood for this.
Venus: Ok, ok. Darling, it's ladies night at The Pantheon so I'm going out. Your aunts Fortuna and Minerva should be here soon. I got Juno to babysit. Let me finish getting dressed.
Cupid: (mubles incoherently and lays down on the sofa.)
Venus: (giggles) Hey maybe I'll find love tonight.
Cupid: (rolls his eyes and falls asleep)