Feb 11, 2009

Did You Know?

We had a kiki in my Women's Studies class today. We talked about the fact that the "Hunter & Gatherer" term should actually be called "Gatherer & Hunter." You see folks there is evidence to show that for the most part it was the gathering done by the women, that provided enough food to sustain the prehistoric people. The men didn't always bring home the bacon.

FYI - The age of the Goddess is returning. Need proof? Look how everyone is thinking about living more "Green." Also, women are turning it out in colleges and universities around the world. With that said, many women are still catching a lot of hell around the globe. Lots of work to still do.


Kitty said...

In a pride of lions it's the lioness that does the heavy lifting most of the time.

Seth said...

My Aunt is a Goddess. She's the Goddess of Xanax and Spa Treatments.


Wonder Man said...

makes sense

bunnilove said...

You have a point, Allan: in my major at school, culinary arts, a typically male oriented field, the amount of female students is staggering. Most of my classes contain about 95-98% women. I must say that the classes are quite pleasant.

Also, there are two sectors that are doing fairly well in these uncertain times: handmade arts and crafts and prostitution...two areas generally female in association.

We are living in times that are changing.