Apr 8, 2015

The Wiz Is On Baby!

Looks like my wish was granted. The Wiz is going to be NBC's next live musical production! It is set to air in December. But wait it gets better. Along with the TV version, a revised live stage production, set for Broadway, is also in the works. And, the production team is partnering with Cirque Du Soliel. Joy and rapture! Click here for more details.

I still standby my recommendations for casting I shared in a previous post. Click here for the list. However, I must add Stephanie Mills to the cast. I can see Ms. Mills doing an awesome job as Aunt Em.

Apr 1, 2015

Yet Another State Setting Themselves Up

Representative Bob Ballinger of Arkansas, right, was among the bill’s sponsors who dismissed amendments to the measure. CreditDanny Johnston/Associated Press

The following comment made by a NYT's reader summed it all up for me. Basically, the mediocre and bigoted are flexing their muscle in certain states. 

K Henderson
 is a trusted commenter NYC 4 minutes ago

State government in action is rarely a pretty sight.

In my home state, the (cough) lawmakers there are mostly composed of the C students from my highschool. The A students often left to NYC, Boston and CA and never. came. back.

BTW, doesn't Ballinger look suspect? If this bill is signed into law, I wonder if he is going to be smiling when civil rights law suits are filed by the folks that were mistreated, due to the business owners that use this law to discriminate.

What a colossal waste of time!