Jan 10, 2010

Clearing Up The Mind Clutter

I'm pretty mama!

Okay, so it's been an interesting first ten days into 2010. Let me just clear my mind by sharing the following thoughts:

- My sister Jenny has the ability to give me uplifting words, and make me feel like everything will be alright. She is a magical woman, and her power is real.

- There truly is a thin line between love and hate, and vice verse. Damn you head and heart! Work together!

- Soup is our friend. I made corn chowder with chorizo the other day, and was extremely pleased with myself. The trick was a pinch of thyme.

- During these days of bitter cold I worried about people that are homeless. I need to get back to volunteering and seeing how I can be of service.

- I passed the dreaded Praxis II. I'm still pissed that test can eliminate people from entering the classroom. Yes, it tests for core content knowledge of laws and pedagogy, however, it doesn't test for the devotion and spirit needed to serve as a teacher. And, I had to pay to take it. Something wrong with that setup.

- Going to the gym with my homegirl Moya is a godsend. We gossip, do crunches, check out men, lift weights, have a bitch-fest, run some cardio, and then I hit the sauna. I'm still thick in the middle, but grateful for moving my body.

- I feel proud of staying committed to blogging and enjoying the work of other bloggers. It has been a wonderful refuge during challenging times.


Aaron said...

Keep up the good works mister! My internets wouldn't be the same without you!

Kitty said...

Keep warm and I love your blogging and look forward to checking in.

Wonder Man said...

keep blogging, boo

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Congrats on the test results!

Joy said...

Congratulations on the Praxis. I know what you mean. There are many rants I have with education and wish there weren't so much emphasis on testing instead of really teaching students to think and learn.

Annyanka said...

I know what you mean about having to pay a stupid standardized test that is incapable of measuring the commitment one has to the craft. Let me just say that I HATE the GRE, it is not a test, it is a torture device to measure pressure. Thats it!

Second, you are so sweet. It might seem random, but wanting to volunteer for shelters is truly charismatic of you.

And third, I know what you mean about the connection (or lack of) between the head and the heart. I just broke up with my boyfriend of almost 3 years yesterday, who btw worshiped the ground I walked on, just because I'm not right in the head. Its depressing really.
I wish you were here with me to give me advice. Your advice always made me feel like everything was going to be just fine.

PS. I guess you (and tio) would be my versions of your sister Jenny. ;) Much love!