Jun 12, 2014

Gino's Turn At Metamorphosis

So, in a recent post, I had shared a story of Marcos coming for a brief visit. In that post I placed a picture of him with Gino, that was taken on Easter Sunday.  They looked so good together.

Shortly after, Gino was acting strange and seemed a bit out of sorts. I then remembered an old superstition that advises one not to display a picture containing a person that has passed with a being that is living.

According to the superstition, having that picture on display will make the person that has passed miss the living being in the picture, and the Universe will bring them back together. So, me being scared about losing Gino,  I changed the picture in the post.

The following days Gino became worse, and once again lost mobility in his rear legs. I took him to the vet yesterday for treatment. The vet had recommended Gino spend the night, which he has done before while under this treatment. I agreed and told Gino, "I will see you tomorrow."

Later that night, I had a dream with Marcos. He was in a car, with two doors, and was chillin' in the backseat. The passenger side door opened and Marcos pushed the, front passenger seat forward. It seemed he was making room for me to enter. Marcos had a sweet smile on his face.  As I walked towards the car, something distracted me and next thing I knew I woke up. I then thought what a strange dream.

Well, good people, at 10:30 am, I received a call from the vet telling me "Su hijo esta muerto."  Yup, it was time for Gino's turn at metamorphosis. I had a good cry. Then realized Marcos came in the car to take Gino on his favorite adventure, a car ride!

Thank you Gino for keeping me alive and happy during the painful first-year after Marcos' passing. You were an old dude, but you hanged in there with me. I love you! Now, go have fun with Marcos and Luna.

And Marcos, I apologize for letting my fear turn into a selfish act. You waited long enough to be reunited with Gino. xoxo Enjoy!


Aaron said...

Sorry for your loss! Big HUGS!

Reneé said...

I am so sorry about little Gino. His papa came to get him so he wouldn't get lost along the way.