Jun 30, 2015

My Ongoing Education on PrEP

So a lot of conversations, among gay men, are being had about using PrEP in order to prevent HIV infection. According to the poster I saw at the Pride event over the weekend, PrEP or this pill is changing HIV prevention.

Aaron over at Relentless Egomania has been posting about of his exploration into using PrEP as his primary method of HIV prevention. Click here to see what his experience has been like over in Canada.

The San Francisco AIDS Foundation has also created an excellent site that answers some FAQs about PrEP. Click here for the website. A hat tip to Ms. Izzy for connecting me to this resource.

I have been considering using it myself, but have concerns about what the long term use of PrEP could have on the human body. I know with medications such as, Truvada, there is an increase in kidney function and lower bone mineral density. Moreover, I haven't even explored whether or not my insurance would cover the cost of the medication.

I need to get some answers to a few questions I have to make the decision.

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