Jul 16, 2015

Doppelganger Around The Corner


So it seems I have or had a doppelganger living just a few blocks from my house. I have been stopped twice by two men that were 100% sure I was Elvin Rios. I mean both of these guys jaws dropped when they realized I wasn't really their friend.

The first incident of being mistaken for this Elvin guy occurred back in April. This guy was driving down the street, came to a screeching halt and called out, "Elvin!" He got out of the car, walked up to me and went to shake hands with me! When I looked at him with a confused expression, he realized his mistake and said, "Oh my god you look exactly like my friend."

Today I went on the bus; the bus driver looked at me with his jaw on the floor and he said, "Wow! You look like this guy that use to live near here. His name is Elvin Rios. He's a christian. You know down with the church. He moved to Texas."  I told the driver that someone else had mistaken me for this guy.

I really would have like to have seen this guy. I am curious to see how we are similar. It's also kinda strange this dude is or was literally around the corner from me.

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