Aug 5, 2015

UPDATE: Putting It Together...The Wiz

So Shanice Williams is going to play Dorothy in the live TV version of The Wiz. Oh sooki, sooki, now. It is all coming together.

In case ya missed it, Queen Latifah is going to play The Wiz, Mary J. Blige is going to be Evillene, and David Alan Grier is going to be The Cowardly Lion, and as I mentioned in a previous post, B'way's original Dorthy, Stephanie Mills, is going to be Aunt Em.

I'm ready to ease on down that road with this cast.

New Casting Updates! (from left to right):
Elijah Kelley will be the Scarecrow
Ne-Yo has joined the cast as the Tin Man
Common will be playing the role of the Gatekeeper to Oz
The trio will appear in the live production slated for December.

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Reneé said...

I'm starting to get excited! I may have Mama Cat do a speakerphone thing so we can watch it together from while sitting on our sides of the state.