Feb 6, 2007

She's Evil!

This beast to your left is Luna. I welcomed her into my life and home with a full heart back in April of 2006.

Within in three minutes of getting acquainted with her, she bit my hand. I forgave her because she was a puppy and I assumed she didn't know better.

Let me tell you people, she knew what she was doing. She came into our home with the intentions of ruling.

Luna has been guilty of various crimes that include the terrorizing of our cat Geronimo, bullying our other dog Perogino, hogging up the food bowl, and the destruction of anything she is able to carry in her mouth and take to a corner she reserves for demolishing.

She's evil I tell you. The devil incarnate. Very Cujo! A devil dog but without the chocolate creamy goodness. My dog whispering attempts have not improve the situation. Lord knows I don't want to go the rolled up newspaper beatdown route (I'll hurt a bitch).

My hubby tells me to wait it out, that she is still young and her behavior will improve. Hmm, we'll see. I will hold my temper and will pray.....oh oh she just got up. Gotta bounce. I'm in Luna Watch Mode.

Mental Note: Get the night vision goggles and sleep with one eye open.

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