Feb 28, 2007

Thoughts On Life's Truths (well at least in my opinion)

One really shouldn't turn their nose up when someone points out the obvious. At times the truth can be like your house keys. You are frantically looking all over for them and all along the keys are right in front of your eyes. Here are what I fell are obvious truths that are often forgotten:

Hold on tight to hope after a shitty day. Twenty-four hours really can make a difference. It's so easy to be in the midst of a bad moment and mentally grease yourself up for that downward spiral into the cesspool of despair. Please note if bad days are consecutive, it's probably time to reevaluate what you are doing.

History does repeat itself! Tell me Iraq isn't like Vietnam, or that what happen in Rwanda and Darfur isn't similar to events in Nazi Germany and Bosnia. History repeats itself cause often those repeating the history, are too far removed by time and memory from the history no one wanted repeated. Be forewarned this rule applies to our own personal history repeating itself.

No one likes a snitch (in certain situations). Comedian Joe Rogan has blown up Carlos Mencia's spot by exposing Carlos has stolen jokes and lied about his identity. Silly Joe forgot the rule that no one likes a snitch. We often admire snitches but don't really want them to know too much of our business after we know they are a snitch. The act of snitchafication can tap into concerns one may have about their own dirty laundry being exposed.

Since his act of snitching Joe has been banned from several comedy clubs. Did he think revealing certain truths of another performer would work in a town like Hollywood. People build careers on lies and contrived images in the entertainment industry. What was he thinking?

You can't have it all. Who ever said you can have it all is a big fat liar. The concept of having it all is a marketing plan developed many moons ago. It makes you spend beyond your means. Plus, wanting it all takes you away from inner peace, it compels you to look for that peace outside of yourself. Thinking you have it all robs you of respecting how as an evolving human being what you want changes. What I feel we can really have and enjoy is gratitude for what we do have. Perhaps the focus should be an ambition to reach for what you need. And, having what you need is having it all.

Okay I have to go now. I had a shitty day and I want to hear the gossip my sister wants to tell me. I just hope I don't stay up too late and once again go to school tomorrow too tired. Damn, I wish my legs were longer.

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