Apr 23, 2009

The Kids Are Gonna Be Alright?

I find it fascinating that the students at the university I attend, refer to each other as "kids." They say stuff before class like:

"I didn't like the presentation the kid that sits there did."
"Dude, after finals the kids in my dorm were burnt out."
"So, like that kid from the party finally called me and I was like, wassup."
"Oh my god, that kid is crazy."

You get the picture. What is fascinating is that this is the term used by people in their very early twenties! They giggle at me when I substitute "kids" for "man," "guy," "lady," or "woman." I guess it takes awhile to adjust to leaving the late teen years.

I find it cute. Took me awhile to feel comfortable with being called "Mister" or "Sir" by younger folks. I would look around me, trying to figure out who was being addressed. Perhaps, I'm afflicted with Peter Pan Syndrome. So be it!


Todd HellsKitchen said...

Peter Pan Syndrome... Isn't that what Michael Jackson has?

Allan S. said...

Todd, to get to the core of what Michael has, would be like peeling an onion. LOL. Sorry for the cliche.

Peter Pan Syndrome refers to people that don't really want to grow up and embrace full adulthood.

Anonymous said...

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