Apr 17, 2009


On April 27, KRS-One is going to be dropping some knowledge on the Southern Connecticut State University campus. He's going to speak on the evolution of hip-hop culture. Now, for those of you not in the know, KRS-One took rapping to a whole other level. He brought an awareness to the art form that focused on elevating the people. I am and have always been an admirer of what he does. Lyrically KRS was tight with his. Here's a taste:

To his credit when record companies starting exploiting that foul "gangsta rap," KRS-One took a pass on that bullshit. I plan on heading out to Southern and represent. Bushwick, Bushwick, always funky fresh!

By the way, back in the day at around the tender age of 13, I was giving this look (see below). However, I had blunt in one hand, forty in the other. I was on that B-Boy trip for three years. Then my homeboy Eric gave me a taste of his good and plenty, found my way to Christopher Street and never looked back. However, I will always have mad love for my early days as a hip-hopper. My inner b-boy still surfaces from time to time.

Let me go play some Erik B, MC Lyte, KRS, and Soulsonic Force. I need to throw down with my moves. I can still do the Rooftop, Smurf, or just bop to the beat.

The laces on my Adiddas always matched with my gear.