Dec 7, 2009

Get A Book For The Tots

Miss Kitty was good enough to remind us that Toys for Tots and other charities need our support this time of year.

May I suggest that if you purchase a gift, include some books in the bundle.

Most children from families that are economically disadvantage don't read at home, because there are no books at home!

Recently, Marcos and I gave our little play-nephew Christopher, books for his third birthday. He snatched them up and started exploring them. He even said "I love these books!"

Plus, going through the aisle of the children's books at your local bookstore is a joy. You get to see old friends that you curled up with, as well as, take in the lovely new works of children's literature that excites young minds.


Joy said...

That's a great idea! Have you heard of the Imagination Library that Dolly Parton started in TN? They provide children with books on a regular basis free. Here's the link:

Allan S. said...

Thank you Joy. For those of you interested in spreading the knowledge and love of books, Joy has the hook-up. Get to clicking.