Dec 15, 2009

My School Girl Crush

So, today I had a chat with a fellow student that is half my age. We have piano class together, and already knew each other from a Geography class a few semesters ago.

He is adorable. He's is of Latino and African ancestry. He has a b-boy swagger and rocks lovely dreadlocks. I find him so adorable. He's like a little lion.

In our conversation I shared with him that I was 41. He was shocked. He thought I was in my late 20s when we first met, and then figured I was in my early thirties. Lord, how I find him adorable.

I asked him what made him think I was that young. He said the following "You don't have any grey hair, and have a personality." I giggled. He's so fucking adorable.

He had text me early in the morning to remind me that we had our piano class final today. Which I rocked by the way. I played "Whirling Leaves" by Nancy Faber.

Wasn't that so sweet of him? Looking out for an old geezer like me. God bless him.

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Kitty said...

Congratulations on the piano final. Isn't it cool when babies think you're their age. I confuse the kiddies because I look their age but then I have a head full of gray hair...the olds get confused by that too.