Apr 23, 2010

OMG Austin Has Become A Dandy Andy

Yah remember Austin Scarlett from season one of Project Runway? Good people, I would often see this queen strutting about The Village when I worked at NYU a few years back.

She was rail thin and bouncy. I enjoyed watching Miss Scarlett, enjoy being watched, while she savored her new life in NYC.

Lo and behold, here is Miss. Scarlett doing her thing today. I wonder if she is still designing, or has she settled into a kept life provided by a sugar daddy she met at The Townhouse.

As God as my witness may she never go hungry again.

BTW the kiki of this post is the link to The Townhouse.

Source: Blogging Project Runway

1 comment:

Junior said...

Dare I say sexy Austin... Looking good homeboy...