Apr 22, 2010

They Better Bring It! - Update

I am so ready for the season finale of Project Runway tonight! I'm torn between Emilio and Seth Aaron. I think they are both very talented and mad cute. I even enjoy Emilio's lisp.

BTW, as we all know Jay and Anthony were chopped, however, they did show at Fashion Week!

Click here for Jay.

Click here for Anthony.

I think they both turned it out and could have easily been contenders at Fashion Week.

UPDATE: I'm cool with the outcome. I totally agree with the reasoning. I also have to say what Jay said in the reunion show about one of the models was totally tacky. Eww!


Junior said...

I'm glad you're OK with things because I'm not. I thought Seth Aaron would be the first one to go and that Mila would win. I haven't watched this season so maybe that picked him because of his past work... I don't know but I hated his collection. Garish is the word I'd use.

Aaron said...

im trying to avoid news of the results as iam watching the finale tonight! i loved both jay and anthony's collections soooooo much thanks for the links.