Jun 12, 2010

Do These Shoes Make Me Look Fat?

In an effort to lighten things up, I am on the hunt for my summer sandal, I don't do flip flops in public. I was raised as to call them chancletas, and they were meant only to be worn around the house. Oh, and I'm also looking for an all-white sneaker!

I want my feet to look cute in the heat. However, I am not finding what I want!

Why lord must acquiring footwear be such a challenge! Damn it!


Anonymous said...

Hmm... I've literally been wearing the same sandals for the past 7 years. People think they're Birks but they were from K-Mart and cost a grand total of $4.99! But my first stop for shoes is always Timberland because they make some surprisingly stylish things that are durable and comfortable.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I'm a shoe guy... In NYC you have to ALWAYS be ready to run!

Wonder Man said...

it is a challenge trust me