Jun 15, 2010

Gen. Petraeus' War Fatigue

Dear. Gen. Petraeus,

Today you fainted while given testimony to the U.S. Senate regarding drawing down forces in Afghanistan. It is being reported your moment of feeling the vapors, was due to dehydration and lack of food. I'm assuming you have been consumed with burning the midnight oil to find a solution to the military quagmire U.S. forces are in on the other side of the planet.

I hope you are okay, and that within that moment of complete surrender to a power mightier than yourself, you experienced enlightenment. May divine forces have crept into your heart and mind, while you was briefly relieved from your programming.

In my most optimistic flight of imagination and hope. I see you will soon say that the act of war is criminal. May your mouth utter words that speak of war being the resulting acts of greed for resources and lust for power, that ultimately benefit in the long term, the already wealthy among the populace. Imagine your voice spreading the word the peace and love is truly the answer. Your voice and mind being part of solutions that show how we can share, learn, and live together, without guns to our heads.

May you also realize the fatigue that plagues the men and women that have served several tours in this war. I hope this is the realization rather then believing those in service need to suck it up, and come back for the cameras as if nothing is wrong.

If we had a war and not one single body showed up, you would be out of a job. It is perhaps of this reality you have not let the sunshine in. Instead you see the world as us and them, and now your body failed you to reveal your own vulnerability and dare I say it, humanity.

Peace my brother and I offer you this:


Reneé said...

I read an article on this dude a few years ago in The Times and he is an asshole. He likes to engage everyone he meets in "Survival of the Fittest" games to prove his dominance. He said that he likes to have staff meetings while running around a track in Iraq to see who can keep up with him; the man is a sadist. So while we hope for enlightenment...yeah.

lelocolon said...

His balls must be shrinking now, that he made a full of himself. Who knows now maybe his wife will divorce him, cause he can not keep up his game. Fucking fool.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Let the sunshine in, indeed!!!